The divers found the eight-metre “sea cucumber” off the coast of New Zealand

To see rare underwater inhabitants managed divers Steve Hathaway and Andrew Battles off the coast of New Zealand.

Водолазы обнаружили восьмиметровый «морской огурец» у берегов Новой Зеландии


They called the eight-meter of a colony, consisting of many microorganisms, “sea cucumber” because of their tubular shape. The divers found pyrosoma, and they are called Agnelli. This marine free-swimming animals, move with its flow. Divers noticed strange creatures at a depth of ten meters and took them on the camera. Pyrosoma are very rare animals, so to see and even more to capture, it was possible only a few times in history. Ornately represent colony zooid. They are able to change the color and shape.

Pyrosoma feed on plankton and are not dangerous to humans. Despite this, scientists do not recommend to touch the water, according to residents or get inside the hollow tubes. Once there found the body of a penguin. Apparently he was able to get out from natural captivity, having come there on their own initiative and therefore, failed. Mr. Hathaway said that the main purpose of the trip was to see “sea cucumber” and the divers managed to achieve it.

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