The Dnipro cancer cured by new technology, a Nobel prize winner

В Днипре лечат рак по новой технологии нобелевского лауреата

At the last ceremony of the Nobel prizes in medicine, she went to two scientists for the development of effective immunotherapy of cancer. The Dnipro already practicing this treatment.

In the city hospital Dnipro rate the effective immunotherapy of cancer patients are 70. The course is a clinical study, and participation in it is free. The results are already striking doctors.

So, the patient Mr Bocharov was diagnosed with lung cancer in fourth stage. In many cases it means certain death.

В Днипре лечат рак по новой технологии нобелевского лауреата

But he successfully completed 35 courses of immunotherapy. Says Bocharov:

“It’s painless. I time in three weeks came, it was a dig now and all. I went home the same day. Saw better and better. I knew that I needed. I need society. What else can I do to recover and something to do.”

At the moment the patient passed all the symptoms of the disease and the hospital he comes only for testing.

“Come on reception to me the healthy men in the Prime, stage four lung cancer and after three months, unfortunately, was in another world. Now the possibility is quite astounding!”, – says the head of the Department of clinical research center Natalia Urzhumova.

В Днипре лечат рак по новой технологии нобелевского лауреата

In the laboratory of the hospital due to drug companies running equipment that analyzes blood with incredible accuracy. But before full technical support is still far away. Therefore, the samples of cancer patients — participants in clinical studies be sent around the world: in Singapore, South Korea and the United States.

“And literally the next day we received via e-mail the results of the research that is technically in Ukraine still can’t run,” says one of the doctors.

Dose and regimen individually selected for each patient. The medications that treat them, will appear on sale not earlier than in a few years. Their effectiveness as time and research in dozens of hospitals around the world, among them the Dnieper.

The treatment of one patient on new technologies costs almost 200 000 UAH. per month. Fortunately, all the costs borne by the companies conducting the study.

Recall that cardiologists have figured out how to identify heart disease in its early stages. Scientists from Duke University have proposed a new blood test that will determine how the blocked blood vessels.

As reported Know. ua, these not-so-obvious signs may indicate serious illness. Sometimes the body indicates to us diseases, and we ignore it.

Also Know As. ua wrote that one molecule will save millions of light around the world.

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