The dream of all zarobitchanin in Europe opened a vacancy for slackers

Мечта всех заробитчанин: в Европе открыли вакансию для бездельников

In Sweden, a vacancy has occurred, a description which sounds more like a dream candidate offer lifetime employment, a good salary that will grow every year, vacation and pension. If it no work no obligations! About it writes the edition Atlas Obskura.

Reportedly, the worker can indeed go about their business, but needs to come and go from the train station at a certain time. Job as performance art invented by the Swedish artists Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby.

Мечта всех заробитчанин: в Европе открыли вакансию для бездельников

The employee will become part of the art project Foundation “Eternal employment” (Eternal Employment Foundation), which has already collected salary for the future of the lucky. Now the Fund of about $650 000 and in the future the amount will increase.

According to the estimates of artists, the vacancy will be valid for at least 120 years that can truly be called almost forever. The item appears in 2025 at the train station Korsvägen in Gothenburg.

Мечта всех заробитчанин: в Европе открыли вакансию для бездельников

Artists Express their attitude to performance: “walk of history about the man who was hired forever, to do nothing”. They believe that the vacancy will become a popular meme.

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