The driver slammed on the brakes when I saw who the villains tied to the rails

Машинист резко нажал на тормоза когда увидел, кого нелюди привязали к рельсам

Egregious case occurred in the Leningrad region of Russia. The unfortunate animal was saved by the train driver. This is reported by local media.

In the Gatchina district of the Leningrad region the unknown tied to the rails a dog. The animal was saved thanks to the train driver, who braked in time.

The driver said that he had noticed the dog that was sitting on the tracks and started to honk. But the animal didn’t budge. He braked sharply, it later emerged that the dog was tied to the rails.

Машинист резко нажал на тормоза когда увидел, кого нелюди привязали к рельсам

After the driver stopped the composition, he untied the dog and took her from the railroad at a safe distance.

Zoodefenders note that this area is not the first time they tie the dogs to the rails. Earlier, they rescued a German shepherd, which cut off the train paw and smashed face.

Later, animal rights activists found the dog, which was tied to the rails, from the supposed owner. He claims that he did not know where the dog and the home he allegedly ran itself.

The volunteers were able to talk with the man, but he refused to hand the dog in the hands of the volunteers. They noted that the man was in an inadequate state. The dog’s owner noted that she had already outlived her. Animal rights activists have promised to return to him with the police.

We will remind, in Kiev, stray cats accommodated in special houses. In Kiev will build special houses for homeless cats, where they can warm up.

As reported Know. ua, the Russians took with resort, a local resident, “souvenir” rescued stunned the guards. In Bali, the Russians tried to steal the animal and hid it in his things.

Also Know As. ua wrote that the vets saved from a horrible death very skinny dog in the world. The unfortunate animal was found near the destroyed building in a depleted condition.

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