The Duchess of Sussex threatened preterm labor: the insider revealed disturbing details

Герцогине Сассекской грозят преждевременные роды: инсайдер раскрыл тревожные подробности

Fans of Meghan Markle noticed a few strange position of her thumbs, which seems to be usual for the Duchess. At this detail, experts can predict when first son is born Sussex, write “FACTS”, referring to the information

In public, pregnant Megan often touches her stomach, stroking him, and in these moments, you notice that the thumbs of the Duchess is quite bent up.

This, according to the representative of the obstetric service Private Midwives Liz Halliday, may indicate that the baby will be born a little earlier than suggested by the doctors (end of April or beginning of may).

Герцогине Сассекской грозят преждевременные роды: инсайдер раскрыл тревожные подробности

In an earlier birth, says another point of view according to which Megan may be signs of the Syndrome of Ehlers-Danlos is a group of hereditary systemic dysfunction of connective tissues. Under such dysfunction, excessive mobility of the joints can spread to the hands, but the pelvis and as a consequence of excessive flexibility of the joints and tendons, can trigger an early labor and, unfortunately, childbirth is painful.

“If Megan spectral disorder giperpoverkhnosti and the affected cervix and the pelvis, the probability of premature birth or multiple births the rapid increase,”explains Halliday.

“Women with spectral disorder giperpoverkhnosti often face such problems as chronic pain, tension, joints, dislocations and subluxations, headaches. Hypermobility in itself is rarely a problem for pregnant women, but if women have any complaints, I would advise you to consult with the doctors,” — said the expert.

At the same time, other experts argue that the flexibility of the fingers of Her Highness can be the consequence not of different kinds of dysfunctions and passions of the Duchess of yoga. So, in 2015, a year before his meeting with Prince Harry in conversation with a journalist from the publication Women’s Health Megan said that she practices yoga “in the blood”. “This brings many benefits: the body becomes more flexible, the muscles stronger and tighter. Improved ability for mental focus, ability to relax, reduced anxiety”.

Therefore, in their opinion, to worry about earlier the birth of the firstborn, Megan, and Harry especially is not worth it.

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