The Earth is approaching a “comet death”

The convergence of the celestial body with the Earth will take place today, November 11.

К Земле приближается «комета смерти»

Pictures of the asteroid horrified astronomers, as it has a similarity with a human skull in its form. The maximum distance that will be close ТВ145 (the so-called asteroid) to our planet – 38 million km, which is approximately equal to one quarter of the distance from the Earth to the Sun. To see the asteroid will be armed only with a telescope.

Scientists say that such a distance safely and in General, the object does not pose a threat, even when the possibility of collision. The size of the asteroid is approximately equal to not more than 600 meters in diameter.

Apparently, a celestial body made more noise because of its unusual cherepahoobraznoy than because of the threat of a collision.

The asteroid is not the first time see its proximity to the planet Earth. In 2015 ТВ145 flew at a distance of 486 thousand kilometers, much closer than this time. In 2015, it could be seen even with binoculars.

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