The earth is waiting for a double Apocalypse: blood Moon will destroy all life

Землю ждет двойной Апокалипсис: кровавая Луна уничтожит все живое

Renowned astrologer Richard nollet sure that the Apocalypse may be sooner than predicted by the theorists of so-called “conspiracy”. Thus, recently a group of scientists from NASA announced that on March 22 by the Earth should fly a potentially hazardous asteroid 2019 EA2.

Write about this American scientific publications.

Землю ждет двойной Апокалипсис: кровавая Луна уничтожит все живое


According to scientists, the asteroid diameter is from 18 to 40 meters. In the night of March 21, humanity will be able to observe also the huge Supermoon.

Scientists say that it is quite rare when both the Supermoon and the asteroid will appear near the Ground. However, the astrologer Richard nollet does not see cause for joy and imminent threat to all life on Earth.

Specialist on space phenomena believes that if the Supermoon aktiviziruyutsya, and the asteroid-the murderer will change the trajectory of its movement and will quickly fly to the planet, people can expect double the Apocalypse, because the body can destroy the Earth. However, while the preconditions for disaster NASA scientists do not see.

Землю ждет двойной Апокалипсис: кровавая Луна уничтожит все живое


We will remind, earlier it was reported that scientists have recently discovered shards of a half tasaciones of the meteorite that exploded over the planet in 2018. It should be noted that the power of the explosion of the meteorite was 30 times higher than the energy of an atomic bomb, released by American aircraft in 1945 in Hiroshima. But then the remains of the meteorite after the explosion was not seen. First heavenly body noticed military satellites. Fireball measuring 18 meters in diameter falling at a speed of 41 600 miles per hour. When lifting from the water, the asteroid split into three parts.

Recall that a giant asteroid exploded over Earth in 10 times more dangerous than Hiroshima.

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