The ex-soloist of “VIA gra” Kozhevnikova began a solo career: the first song is the manifest men

Экс-солистка "ВИА Гры" Кожевникова начала сольную карьеру: первая песня - манифест мужчинам

Ex-participant of group “VIA Gra” 25-year-old singer Anastasia Kozhevnikova announced the beginning of a solo career.

In August last year, she left the group, founded by Valeriy Meladze and married. Now the singer has unveiled her debut song “Love you”, music and words composed by herself. Good news Nastya shared on Instagram.

Экс-солистка "ВИА Гры" Кожевникова начала сольную карьеру: первая песня - манифест мужчинам

“Well, that’s the day I share with you my first step on a solo path! It is very important You sincere thoughts! What I like is the symbiosis of completely different music, so from me to expect completely different songs. This was born in me first no matter how many times I’ve been postponing it for later, this is it! it contains the meaning of love, and selfless. Men don’t play with a loving heart!”, – spoke about the composition of the performer.

Anastasia Kozhevnikova worked in the group “VIA Gra” for five years.

Recall that just recently, the former soloist of group “VIA Gra” Misha Romanov hinted fans about the comeback.

So, the girl has published in Instagram-Stories photo from the recording Studio. It is worth noting that the picture was attended by the singer Max Barsky and producer Andrew Timoshik working on a new track Romanova.

In the photo the actress wrote, “getting Ready for the next year,” and asked the fans, they await her return to the stage.

Earlier “Znayu” told that Olya Polyakova together with Lesia Nikityuk took part in the show designer Andre tan during Ukrainian fashion week.

Also a celebrity took a selfie with a very catchy concert makeup, but not all of it came to taste.

And the artist in Odessa showed a perfect figure in a white bathing suit and admitted that resting with a friend, but I think the girlfriend was ill prepared to fly and didn’t shave my legs.

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