The expert explained why China increases the production of nuclear submarines

Beijing is trying to protect themselves from possible attacks of other countries and wants to be a step ahead of US.

Эксперт объяснил, почему Китай увеличивает объемы производства атомных подлодок

This statement was made by an expert Tong Zhao in his article. He explained that China is increasing its production of nuclear submarines to protect its own territory. China is not going to be the first to use weapons in case of conflict and will do so only after aggression of other States. Analyst Tong Zhao writes that the Chinese, unlike the US and Russia, has a very simple military doctrine: if the Republic is attacked, then it meets the same coin. According to the expert, Beijing does not need much to be respected. While in China, there is 250-300 nuclear warheads, capable to reach Khabarovsk, Los Angeles, St. Petersburg or Washington, the people of China should sleep.

Most nuclear bombs China has mounted on Intercontinental ballistic missiles in the launchers. Only 48 warheads in submarines of the type 094A or Jin class. A new report from the Center for global policy Carnegie has information on the capacity of Beijing, the volume of production of nuclear submarines. Analyst says China is concerned about missile defense in Alaska, ostensibly intended to deter a possible aggression of North Korea and Iran, but in fact it can be applied in the struggle against China.

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