The expert said that you need to consider before buying a new Hyundai Santa Fe

Autoblogger called the 5 main advantages of the new Hyundai Santa Fe and identified 2 interesting features of the Korean crossover, which you need to consider before buying.

Эксперт рассказала, что нужно учесть перед покупкой нового Hyundai Santa Fe

According to the expert, the new generation SUV made a huge step forward compared to its predecessors. Diesel engine, offered only in “luxury” configuration, is a great powerplant running on heavy fuel. 200 HP is enough to keep the motor tax in the moderate segment, but the dynamic characteristics of Santa Fe, at the same time, shows a very decent, and the car rides very vigorously, no holds and no failures.

The fuel consumption of the diesel unit is predictably low with careful driving it is possible to keep within 10 liters per hundred km, for a 2.5-ton SUV a very modest figure. The new 8-speed automatic gearbox is also an undeniable advantage over previous 6-speed: this transmission has a very delicate, smooth gear change and even at the start of “pedal to the floor” jerking the driver will not feel. Finally, as the two pros, the expert identified a rich equipment, even in modest trim levels (system, stability control, Parking sensors, ABS, climate and cruise controls) and a powerful, bright LED lights with excellent auto work.

z features that are important to remember before buying: no windshield even in the maximum configuration, and not a very good layout for the headlights, which optics will often be contaminated, and in case of an accident, you will have to change not only the part of the bumper itself behind the headlamp. “Big, all-wheel drive wagon, which it is better not to leave the asphalt”, – finished his review of the lady driver.