The experts came to the main culprits of insomnia: hiding in DNA

Эксперты вышли на главных виновников бессонницы: скрываются в ДНК

Scientists have identified the genes that lead to the development of insomnia, as well as increase the risk of coronary heart disease coronary arteries.

The study, which was conducted by a team of experts from the Massachusetts hospital and the University of Exeter, took into account genetic evidence of 450,000 people, writes Daily Mail.

In the end, geneticists have identified 57 loci in our DNA that increase the risk of insomnia.

Identified stretches of DNA comprised genes involved in ubiquitous mediated proteolysis — breakdown of the primary regulatory protein.

Эксперты вышли на главных виновников бессонницы: скрываются в ДНК

The causes of insomnia and ways of coping

They also found that genes not only allow us to sleep, but almost double the risk of coronary heart disease, which can lead to angina or even heart failure.

In the study of genetics analyzed data from study participants of the UK Biobank. Of these, 29% complained of regular insomnia.

It should be noted that the investigated type of insomnia has not been triggered by caffeine, depression or recent stress.

Identified stretches of DNA may become potential therapeutic targets for the treatment of insomnia, and 16 of them contain known targets associated with drugs.

In addition, a new causal relationships indicate the potential usefulness of therapy for insomnia as a possible treatment of coronary artery disease and depression of the coronary arteries.

Эксперты вышли на главных виновников бессонницы: скрываются в ДНК

The symptoms of childhood insomnia

“We hope that a deeper understanding of the processes underlying insomnia, will pave the way for better and more personalized treatment,” said Dr. Michael Weedon, fellow of the College of medicine, nursing and allied health professions company of Exeter.

We will remind, researchers from the Netherlands Institute of neuroscience have categorized five types of insomnia.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” researcher in the field of sleep Paul Kelly (Paul Kelley) proposes to move the start of the workday at 10 am.

Also “Znayu” he wrote that early awakening heals and make people happier.

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