“The face is showing!”: Basque ashamed to drink too much communication Volochkova fans

Repartee singer dancer became a hit on social networks.

«По лицу всё видно!»: Басков стыдится общения со спивающейся Волочковой - фанаты

Anastasia struggles to stay on the wave of popularity that her newly swept, when she began to publish in the Instagram account pictures with her new lover. Ballerina hid the face of her admirer, fueling the interest of subscribers, who tried to find out who the controversial dancer was able to tighten in her mansion this time. Fans Volochkova believed that the dancer had a serious relationship since Anastasia seriously talked about marriage with her lover. However, fictional tale did not last long, because soon Volochkova published a picture with Nikolai Baskov, saying that the wedding this time she would play with him, and the groom allegedly gave dancer earrings. The most interesting subscribers of the ballerina noticed that the person Baskov resembles a grimace Harold, hiding the pain of the man who became famous in the Internet due to the expression of the face, which is joy clearly could see his internal suffering.

«По лицу всё видно!»: Басков стыдится общения со спивающейся Волочковой - фанаты

Fans Anastasia came to a common opinion, that the singer simply ashamed to drink too much communication Volochkova, which still managed to get him on a joint the. Fans of the dancers noticed that the microblog Nikolai Baskov there’s no photos of Volochkova and in the picture with Anastasia, he is clearly reluctant to hide his contempt. One of the fans of the ballerina said: “the face is showing!”, adding that the supposedly time-tested relationship with the singer, she said the dancer, is the next in a drunken delirium. Note, the Basque immediately left my comment under the picture, saying that the wedding they would be held only at everyone. This caustic opinion of the singer Anastasia chose at once to review Baskov had to evaluate more than 1.5 thousands of users.