The famous singer finally overcame the cancer and has shown the newborn: fans delighted

Известная певица наконец преодолела онкологию и показала новорожденного: поклонники в восторге

Brave Ukrainian singer Eugenia Vlasova, which is known not only for its hits, but also courage in the fight against cancer, surprised fans. Eugene, which is in November 2017 was in intensive care and underwent four operations seem to be feeling well. Moreover in the singer’s life was a joyful event. Not so long ago in his Instagram Vlasov published a photo where holding a baby and accompanied by his mysterious and ambiguous signature.

Judging by the tag #christening, boy Eugene is a godson.

“My little miracle… My son… Always wanted a daughter and a son,” wrote the artist.

Some fans even suggested that the photo – adopted child Vlasova.

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Ukrainian singer Eugenia Vlasova dramatically changed its image, so that the memories of the illness, which she fought, and lost.

This came to the aid of the Director of the organizing Committee of the contest “Miss Ukraine universe” Anna Filimonova.

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