The features of iOS 13 with “dark mode” was first shown in the video

Возможности iOS 13 с "темным режимом" впервые показали на видео

iOS 13

In a Network there was clear video showing a lot of potential changes in iOS 13. Video created by enthusiasts who tried to show their vision of what could be the next version of Apple’s operating system.

Yes, this is not the official video, but it is possible that all of these new items will appear in iOS 13. Of course, the main feature will be the dark theme, which will help to reduce eye strain in the dark. Note that the app will also get dark mode. For example, Google has already forced app developers to add in their projects mode dark theme.

The authors of the video showed a dark theme interface, the function of “picture in picture” for iPhone, app lock, split screen, multiplayer mode for iPad, and many other desirable innovations. By the way, the iPhone 6 and 6S will not support the new version of OSes, that is a little upset users, because the iPhone 6S is still a popular smartphone, even 5 years after release.

Возможности iOS 13 с "темным режимом" впервые показали на видео

Will there be something shown implemented from Apple, we’ll know in summer: according to rumors, WWDC-2019, which is to be held the announcement of iOS 13, will be held from 3 to 7 June.

Recall that a bug in the system software for MacBook can display the browser history of the PC owner. It is accepted that such information is protected, but the bug allows to bypass it, and to access browser history. It should be noted that the vulnerability is in every MacBook.

Earlier Znayu reported that Meizu with no buttons and holes may not appear on the shelves. Users did not appreciate the device for $ 1,300, which is different from the other only by the lack of buttons.

Znayu wrote that the company Xiaomi manages to sell their Redmi Note 7. Users are snapping up the party as soon as they appears, and the manufacturer simply does not have time to produce them. Within a month, the smartphone sold more than 1 million times, which is an absolute record.

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