The Federal penitentiary service responded to the photo with a convicted Tsepovyaz, eating eggs

Previously a prisoner was caught with a prohibited mobile phone.

ФСИН отозвался о фото с осуждённым Цеповязом, поедающим икру

Representatives of the Federal penitentiary service were quick to respond about the photo, which convicted Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, accused of massacres that occurred in the village of Kushchevskaya, were sealed eating caviar. Specialists of the Department explained that the do is not a fake, however, it was made three years ago. We will remind, the Network got pictures on which Tsepovyaz emblazoned next to the table with skewers, crab and red caviar, posing for the lens directly in prison garb.

ФСИН отозвался о фото с осуждённым Цеповязом, поедающим икру


After the discovery of 12 dead people in the village Kushchevskaya, the investigators found the perpetrators of the massacre, who tried, unsuccessfully, to hide the traces of their crimes with arson. He Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz received a guilty verdict in the amount of 20 years of imprisonment, while the leaders of the gang were sentenced to life imprisonment. Employees of the Federal penitentiary service confirmed that all provocative materials with clear violations of prison regulations will be transferred to the relevant authorities for further investigation.

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