The first preview of the season 2 of Cobra Kai

Un premier aperçu de la saison 2 de Cobra Kai

“Daniel’s going to reopen Miyagi-do as a dojo full-time, as a school of karate…”

After a first season very successful, Cobra Kai, the sequel to Karate Kid, is coming very soon on our screens. The american web site and EW has got the first official photo of the season 2, on which we find Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), in the company of his daughter and the son of his best enemy, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). The war is again declared between the two rivals.

“Obviously, we finished the season 1 at a time when Daniel had to decide if he should let Johnny Lawrence to take the place of karate in the Valley or if he was going to do something to counter it. So, season 2 will definitely keep this promise. Daniel will reopen Miyagi-do as a dojo full-time as a karate school. So this will be dojo Vs. dojo !”, teasent producers Josh Heald and Jon Hurwitz.

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And as you can see on this first photo, Sam, the daughter of Daniel, is going to put on the kimono, in turn, in the school of his father : “We saw at the end of last season that the passion of Samantha for karate was ever present and, at the time when Daniel opened the dojo, it can be revealed that Samantha will return to the path of the tatami mats. You will see a lot of karate with Samantha this year. We have the old rivalries of Johnny and Daniel, and Miguel and Robby, but there are new rivalries this season, and Samantha Larusso has his own rival !”

Season 2 of Cobra Kai will be to see on the YouTube platform Premium next spring.

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