The first reviews of The Perfectionists should delight fans of Pretty Little Liars

Les premières critiques de The Perfectionists devraient réjouir les fans de Pretty Little Liars

“This spin-off has learned a lot from the mistakes made by Pretty Little Liars”.

Alison and Mona are back ! The two liars of Pretty Little Liars (played by Sasha Pieterse , and Janel Parrish) are the stars of The Perfectionists, the spin-off, which begins this Wednesday, march 20, on the american chain Freeform. Based on the novels Perfectionists by Sara Shepard, it will take us in the city of Beacon Heights, where the girls are going to face a whole new mystery and a new murder ! Then was it out the Pretty Little Liars closet ? The US press is rather packed.

Hypable says first : “The first episode is an impressive expansion of the universe established. From what I’ve seen so far, season 1 of The Perfectionists sends heavy. And the only thing more interesting than the characters is the new mystery in which the clever Marlene King you aspire from the start. The series derived provides themes that recall the original, but in a general way, it flows much better and it is clear that King and his colleagues in writing have drawn the lessons of their experience PLL“.

TVFanatic is of the same opinion and finds that the spin-off “has learned a lot from the mistakes made by Pretty Little Liars (…) It is a good start, and the mystery that surrounds what happens in this University is sure to keep fans plugged in, at least for the first season (…) is sexy, provocative and it is clear that it’s going to start a few conversations. I hope that Marlene King has traced the plot for seasons to come, and that the revelations will be at the height. There will certainly be a curiosity factor, and this could become a series of the most popular of Freeform.”

Variety believes that thanks to Mona, “you will never get bored. The spin-off has a charm of its chaotic necessary to ensure that the series remains interesting (…) in Contrast to Ravenswood (the first spin-off cancelled PLL) The Perfectionists is more in tune with the spirit of the original series. And for that alone, it deserves to take a look at it”.

Show judge finally that the series derived gratifies us of “a few good moments and a few pouts boudeuses first-class. Enough to give this spin off a pass for at least a few episodes, just to see where will lead us the mystery and the shenanigans deadly.”

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