The first stage of the rocket Falcon Heavy fell into the water

Первая ступень ракеты Falcon Heavy свалилась в воду


Monday, April 15, during transportation to the Florida coast heavy rocket, the Falcon Heavy has lost its Central block of the first stage, according to a SpaceX statement. However, nothing terrible happened. This is a technical problem, and the reason was bad weather conditions.

Первая ступень ракеты Falcon Heavy свалилась в воду

The cause of the accident was caused by the strong storm. The unit just could not resist the onslaught of the waves, and slid off the platform to land. And this despite the fact that the landing was completely successful, Musk has repeatedly reported. The mission went really ideal if you do not believe that the company has several times shifted its start, as weather conditions could affect the success of the takeoff.

Первая ступень ракеты Falcon Heavy свалилась в воду

Super-heavy carrier rocket Falcon Heavy launched on the evening of 12 April. She managed to bring into earth orbit telecommunication satellite Arabsat-6A, designed for signal transmission of Internet, television and telephony in the middle East, South-East Europe and North Africa.

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