The FIU explained the lack of social benefits for working pensioners

The Pension Fund cited the provision of the Federal law of 2001 on which the recipient of a social pension can only be disabled citizen.

В ПФР объяснили отсутствие социальных выплат работающим пенсионерамThe Ministry of labor jointly with the Pension Fund of Russia started ordering the payment of social old-age pension. At last count, it can get only about three million people. The recipient of these payments, going to work, it loses automatically, and to resume receipt of the social pension only after retirement.

The document, which specifies the mechanism for obtaining social benefits for working pensioners, already posted on the portal of legal acts. As emphasized in the Ministry of labour, it is prepared to Refine the technical nuances and does not introduce any changes to the current procedure of payments.

Recall that in Russia a social pension given to those citizens who either did not work or I do not get the experience of working for an insurance pension. The average pension amounts to nine thousand.

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