The flagship OnePlus 6T was defective

Users have found serious flaws in the smartphone.

Флагман OnePlus 6T оказался с дефектом

Despite the fact that producers try to ensure that their products were perfect, buyers are often faced with defects. A few months ago, problems have arisen with the operation of the display in Pocophone F1, and in November a similar problem was the flagship OnePlus 6T. On the official forum, the company began to receive hundreds of entries with complaints. Someone correctly display the image, many pixel pop up the “wave” during the unlocking via fingerprint. As proof, one of the victims even recorded and posted a video on YouTube.

The most likely cause of incorrect operation of the gadget to use of cheap parts during the Assembly of the smartphone. But users still hope that it’s just a software glitch and the problem will soon fix remotely. Otherwise, the company will have to refund the amount or replace the phone under warranty.