The funeral of George H. W. Bush: World leaders bowed their heads

The National Cathedral was attended by President Donald trump and his predecessors, Barack Obama, bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

Похороны Джорджа Буша-старшего: Мировые лидеры склонили головы

An emotional George W. Bush paid tribute to his father during a state funeral in Washington. He called former U.S. President “a noble man, a better father“. All living US presidents attended the funeral, sharing a Pew at the National Cathedral in Washington. Senior Bush was buried in his native Texas with his wife Barbara.

In his Eulogy son-the President said that his father taught him a basic rule: “public service is noble and necessary“. “He recognized that failure is a part of normal life, but taught us never to define his life failures, “added George W. Bush.

Wednesday declared a national day of mourning – many government agencies and the US stock exchanges are closed. Jim McGrath, who was the representative of Mr. Bush, said the President often wondered whether there would be anybody to attend his funeral. Presidential historian John Meacham called Bush “the last great statesman of America“, telling how he served as a US Navy pilot in world war II and survived after his plane was shot down over the Pacific ocean. “His life was a constant attempt to prove that he is worthy of his salvation in that distant morning,“he said.