The genius of the Ukrainians about the Apocalypse in Russia Metro: Exodus caused a sensation among gamers

Гениальное творение украинцев про апокалипсис в России Metro: Exodus вызвало фурор среди геймеров

Metro: Exodus

February 15 marked the official launch Metro Exodus. The novelty is the third shooter in the universe of the writer Dmitry Glukhovsky from the Ukrainian 4A Games. The game before the release gathered around him attention, and critics praised the game from the Ukrainians. However, users have been able to see as the game:

Some of the gamers are willing to buy a new PC for this game.

But some are too much imbued with a convoluted plot

Гениальное творение украинцев про апокалипсис в России Metro: Exodus вызвало фурор среди геймеров

However, some still accused the Ukrainian developers of Russophobia, but it looks like I found the answer from users:

Efforts to improve the pictures, too, were not in vain:


Some players in the game even found accurate temperature indication. a copy of yourself:

Recall that in Metro: Exodus you can get the achievement “Decommunization” for the destruction of the Lenin statue at “Taiga”.

In social networks this trophy is discussed in brief, but it was enough to attract the attention of Federal channels of Russia — leading channel “Russia 24” was given to achieving a minute of the ether, not forgetting to mention that for the development of the project answer to the Ukrainian developers.

Recall that Xiaomi company will introduce a budget version of the flagship Mi 9 Lite, which will get top-end features, the price will be quite adequate. Yes, the smartphone will not get a top processor, and the camera is not the best on the market, but for the price of $ 235 smartphone more than advantageous to buy.

Earlier Znayu reported that the company Xiaomi made MIUI firmware update 10 for their smartphones. Now in the network appeared the photo, which confirm the fact that the firmware improves the camera. Pictures taken in night time was much better.

Znayu wrote that Google Chrome failed. Now the users of some extensions refuse to work. The fact that Google is conducting the experiment, and used it as a users browser.

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