The girl climbed into the cage of the Jaguar for a selfie: what happened then boggles the mind

Девушка залезла в клетку ягуара ради селфи: то, что случилось потом, не укладывается в голове

In Arizona, a woman climbed the fence at the zoo to take a selfie with a Jaguar.

Visitors and zoo staff heard her cry for help and rushed to pull the woman from the jaws of a fierce predator, writes the Daily Star.

The footage, published by one of the witnesses of the attack, shows how a woman suffers from pain and bleeding. She ripped the visible wounds on his hand.

Девушка залезла в клетку ягуара ради селфи: то, что случилось потом, не укладывается в голове

The injured girl after the attack of the Jaguar

The zoo began an investigation after he admitted that the woman climbed over the barricade.

“We regret to inform you that tonight, before closing, according to eyewitnesses, the incident occurred on a guest, who crossed the barrier to take a photo,” — said the press service of the zoo.

Zoo Director Mickey Olson added that a similar incident had happened previously.

“The visitor got not life-threatening hand injury from one of our female jaguars. At the request of the family physicians were called. The animal never left the cage. The incident is being investigated,” — said in a zoo

Director of the zoo also said that the animal will not be put to sleep.

“We can promise you that with our Jaguar nothing will happen.She’s a wild animal, and have appropriate barriers to protect our guests. Animals are not to blame if a fence by any other way”, — assured the representatives of the zoo.

Earlier in January this year, two lions killed a zoo visitor who climbed into their enclosure at one of the Safari parks in India.

Two lions attacked after the guy overcame a six-meter fence in Shaturskom zoo in Punjab.

Unfortunately, the young man died from the attack of predators.

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