The girls of Orange is the New Black have finished the filming of the season 7… and the series

Les filles d'Orange is the New Black ont fini le tournage de la saison 7... et de la série

Laura Prepon, Taylor Schilling and the others made their farewells in Litchfield these days.

Clap end for the inmates of Litchfield. The production of’Orange is the New Black comes to an end, while filming season 7, final season of the series, ends.

A moving moment for the entire cast, who shared these last few days of photos of farewell on social networks. The two stars of the show, Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling, and posted this selfie of them together :

Dale Soules has commemorated the end of his shooting by sharing a photo of her with the real Piper Kerman, whose book auto-biographical inspiration for the series.

The showrunner Jenji Kohan, she proposed this family photo with the women of the Block-D.

Jessica Pimentel has had to say goodbye to Ruiz and, as promised, she has not cried…

Lea DeLaria has made a final tribute to her character Big Boo :

This season 7 finale of’Orange is the New Black will arrive on Netflix in the course of the year 2019.

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