“The godfather” was shot in new York: the Italian mafia are left without a boss

"Крестного отца" застрелили в Нью-Йорке: итальянская мафия осталась без босса

Thursday, March 14, it became known that in new York, shot the head of one of the five largest mafia clans of Kali Frank nicknamed Frankie Fight. It is noted that this is the first custom-made murder of the boss of the Italian mafia since 1985.

52-year-old Frank Cali was the leader of a clan of Gambino. According to the BBC, he was shot six times near his home in the area of Staten island. According to witnesses, the assassin also moved to Cali by car. The man managed to escape from the crime scene. Now there is an investigation, he told police.

"Крестного отца" застрелили в Нью-Йорке: итальянская мафия осталась без босса

We should clarify that Frankie Battle was headed by the clan of Gambino in 2015, having replaced in this role by Domenico Cefalu. He was one conviction for extortion in the organized group. On this charge he was in jail for 16 months.

Mafia clans in new York devoted a lot of movies and books. In particular, they were the prototypes of the families in the novel, Maria Puzo’s “the Godfather”. House shot the boss is located in the prestigious neighborhood of Todt hill, where, it is said, live mafia. In this area the script of the film “the Godfather” the Corleone family lived.

Italian mafia in new York controlled by five families – Bonanno, Gambino, Genovese, Colombo and Lucchese. It is believed that Gambino is the most powerful of the five Italian clans.

"Крестного отца" застрелили в Нью-Йорке: итальянская мафия осталась без босса

Frank Cali

First clan Gambino took the championship in 1930 at the end of the so-called “Castellammarese war” for control of italoamericano mafia. To this incident, Gambino ran across the United States.

A special place in the history of the Gambino family is John Gotti, who headed the clan from the mid 1980’s to early 1990-ies. Gotti, who have long avoided criminal prosecution, called “Teflon don”. In 1992 he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Authoritative Mafioso died in prison in 2002.

Last week in prison in new York died Carmine Persico – 85-year-old gangster and crime boss of the Colombo family. He spent 33 years in prison, serving 1З9-year term.

We will remind that deputies considered the issue of direct communications by representatives of the leadership of the city with the shady schemes of spacecraft “kievavtodor.”

As reported by the portal Znaia in 1920-ies on the streets of Chicago two mafia boss fighting for control over illegal gambling, prostitution and bootlegging industry.

The portal also Znayu wrote as a legendary gang of criminals forced to shiver the whole of London.

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