The great magician Ricky Jay died in USA

Actor and magician rather live in a world of ancient mysteries, the crusaders and secret knowledge.

Великий иллюзионист Рики Джей скончался в США


The great magician Ricky Jay died in USA at age 70 from age-related diseases. Tricks he began to get involved since childhood. Ricky Jay was born into a Jewish family. His grandfather Max Katz received the diploma of the bookkeeper, but was fond of tricks. It was from his cousin Ricky Jay took over the craving for illusion. The actor has approached this process very seriously. The magician studied the relevant literature and improving their skills. Much attention he paid to the manuscript and criticized artists that reveal the secrets of magicians.

Ricky Jay loved to speak in public, but were critical of the concerts. The illusionist not only surprised the spectators with tricks and sleight of hand, but wrote for his life dozens of scientific articles and two books. Ricky Jay is the author of the book “Cards as weapons”. The magician addressed the audience with a lecture about the history of witchcraft.

Even Ricky Jay starred in various movies. Viewers remember him for the films “Magnolia”, “Robbery”, “Tomorrow never dies”. Manager mage Winston Simon stated that in the world there are such magicians. With the death of Ricky Jay goes something irreplaceable.