The harbinger of the Apocalypse terrified inhabitants of the island: “a fireball pierced the sky and exploded”

Предвестник Апокалипсиса до смерти перепугал жителей острова: "Огненный шар пронзил небо и взорвался"

In Cuba, a meteorite fell. Initially, this information appeared in the media and then was confirmed by the Ministry of science, technology and environment of Cuba. As official news organ of the Cuban Communist party Granma, the fireball swept over the island, and then exploded and shattered into thousands of fragments.

“The Apocalypse” noticed between 13.20 and 13.30 (22.20 and 22.30 Kyiv time) throughout the province of Pinar del Rio. The staff of the Institute of Geophysics, who arrived at the scene of the alleged meteorite fall, conducted the analysis of the found fragments, which showed that they consist of iron, Nickel and magnesium silicate.

The largest chip at the moment was discovered in Rheine Palmarito, its size is 11 inches in length. The scientists intend to continue the study of the wreckage to obtain more information about this phenomenon.

Earlier, scientists have recorded phenomenal during the red moon, it happened for the first time in history.

During the past Eclipse “blood moon” a meteorite flying. Astronomers for the first time in history, failed when it was fixed.

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About it writes National Geographic.

Lunar Eclipse occurred on the night of 20 to 21 January. People from different parts of the world watched a total lunar Eclipse called “blood Moon”. Previously, scientists from the Spanish University in the city of Huelva have tried to capture the meteor which flew simultaneously with the lunar Eclipse. They tried to do over the years. However, they did not succeed.

This time they used 8 telescopes and sent them to different regions of the surface of the moon. So the Spanish scientists were able not only to see flash on the moon, and record it on video.

“Bloody Moon” is a rare combination of three astronomical events: the total lunar Eclipse, blood month and SUPERLINE. During a total Eclipse, the Moon becomes dark red. This color is caused by the weak light that scatters through the Earth’s atmosphere. To estimate the brightness of the satellite using a scale of Dandana − from zero to four. So, zero means very dark Eclipse. Four copper-red or orange color.

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