The judge “Masterchef” showed how to do it in the pool: photo 18+

Судья "МастерШеф" показал, как это нужно делать в бассейне: фото 18+

Well-known canadian and Ukrainian cook Cuban-born Hector Jimenez-Bravo, chief judge of the popular project “Masterchef” has recently posted on his page in Instagram photos of an intimate nature. As you know, now the star is resting in Bali.

So in the photo 47-year-old chef was posing completely naked. Smelled only slightly covers napkin holder, however this does not confuse Cuban macho.

“Normally my Tuesday starts differently. Good morning!” — signed the spicy ector.

It should be noted that numerous fans of Hector was in awe of what he saw. Many have written that the famous chef is in great shape and, most of all, he is “in active search”, just to afford such a daring escapade. In addition, all wondered who took a picture of Hector.

“Chef prepares especially hot dish”, “Hector is Clearly actively looking, all the stars You undressed and TA da!!!”, “Oh, and how many women You now in the morning with nuts”, “stand for napkins there once” “What an Inviting Photo! HECTOR ~ BRAVO! ))”, “Very spicy photos!!!!))) but who is behind the scenes? very interesting” — praised photo followers.

Судья "МастерШеф" показал, как это нужно делать в бассейне: фото 18+

Hector Jimenez-Bravo

We will remind that Vitaly Kozlovsky, who in the spring of disgraced with their performance in Russia and is famous for the naked photos online, has revealed a new photo, which amuse his many fans. The fact is that the singer appeared on the overview of the audience in a very romantic manner.

As reported by the portal Znayu famous singer Tina Karol showed the frame where posing in a sensual and delicate image. For the photo shoot Tina even revealed some parts of the body, but leave room for the imagination.

The portal also Znayu wrote that Olga Polyakova, who is also known as Superblondinka, boasted the premiere of the erotic Comedy “Swingers-2”, which will be released March 1. The actress posed on the red carpet with a cinematic “husband”, actor Michael Chukwuka lit up incredible legs in the dress.

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