The legend of MMA will donate a part of yourself for the benefit of mankind

Легенда ММА пожертвует часть себя на благо человечества

Wanderlei Silva

Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter Wanderlei Silva has decided after his death to donate brain for scientific research.

According to the athlete, he is facing serious problems due to numerous blows to the head.

“I listened to a lecture about the consequences of concussion. It lists 10 symptoms – and eight of them were from me. These include, for example, include mood swings, forgetfulness and difficulty sleeping.

My brain would not be needed after death. And this field of research is extremely important,” said Silva in an interview with Pvt.

Wanderlei Silva competed in the UFC and Japanese Pride, his career in mixed martial arts had 50 fights, 35 of whom won. In addition, Silva – Brazilian League champion in Thai Boxing, has a black belt in JIU-jitsu and judo.

As previously wrote Znayu show the UFC was named the best among all sports.

UFC President Dana white believes the UFC live show is the best among all sports, including the NFL and NBA.

According to white, the history of the organization there was nobody who would have gone with the show unhappy.

“I know it sounds arrogant, but our shows are the best in all sports. People who attend NFL games, competitions, colleges, basketball and other sports, know that there is nothing better than going to the competition UFC.

Легенда ММА пожертвует часть себя на благо человечества

Daniel Cormier

Our tournaments are among the best sporting events. In the history of our company never had a single channel head, a sponsor, or someone else who has gone with our show saying that he’s never coming back”, – reports the words of white MMA Mania.

As reported by the portal Znaia the champion of UFC in semi-heavy and heavy weight American Daniel Cormier was the fighter of the year by the sports channel ESPN in 2018.

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