The leopard attacked a child in the lobby of the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

The victim was a four-year girl from Moscow.

Леопард напал на ребенка в фойе цирка на Цветном бульваре

As it became known, the girl who came with their parents to visit tours. At the moment of predator attack they were waiting for the guide, and passed the two trainers. One of the trainers led a four-month-old leopard, who suddenly attacked the girl. On the animal lacked a muzzle.

The victim was in warm clothes, which saved her from severe damage. She escaped with a scratched neck and severe fright. According to witnesses, the leopard tore the sweater girls to pieces.

Physicians gave the child the necessary help. In order to divert the attention of the girls, the father still took her after the incident on the tour.

The girl is undergoing treatment in the form of rabies injections.

In the attack a Prosecutor’s office carried out checks.

This case is commented on tamer Marina covered with a wrapped. She declared that leopard is, in principle, could not be a muzzle because of the peculiarities of the structure of his face, but the animal had to be transported in a cage, not on a leash.