The Lion King : why, this is not a film in live-action

The new version of Disney rest of the animation, but in digital.

Three years after its adaptation to noticed of the the Jungle Book, Jon Favreau will deliver in 2019 a new version of another classic animated Disney, The Lion King. In “live action” ? If the studio talking about “shooting”real world “in the press release, that future blockbuster, however, seem to have been shot 100% in digital. On social networks, fans of the cartoon will be wondering, especially since James Wan, the director of’Aquaman, has used this term in a tweet. “Gaaaaahhh, I just see the trailer of my favourite Disney live action ! Favreau is a legend.” He then received many responses calling into doubt the use of these words, many internet users assuming that no scene from a movie had been turned “in real life” : Favreau has not filmed animals in motion, but directly created in CGI. The director quickly replied : “Yes, you’re right, I was wrong in using the words ‘live action’. I was just very excited ! I hope that they will credit the original film.”


Contacted by the editor, the Disney team France speaks effectively to new version “synthesis images” rather than live action, but states that, “Jon Favreau has locations in Africa, specifically in Kenya, for some natural landscapes can serve as a source of artistic inspiration”. A once-in-a-box, these clips shot in shooting actual have without a doubt been retouched digitally, in order to stick to the graphic style of the rest of the scenes.

Pascal Pinteau, a journalist for The Screen fantastic, which has notably written a book Effects-special : Two centuries of stories, published by Bragelonne, visited the shooting of the film a few months ago, and he confirms that “no, this is not the live action, since all the animals are computer generated images. The result is hyper realistic, but it’s 100% done in 3D. This gives the appearance of a shooting in live action, whereas this is not the case, everything has been created digitally. In fact, it is in the continuity of what Jon Favreau had done on the jungle Book, except that it had an actor in the midst of all this, the interpreter of Mowgli (Neel Sethi, editor’s note). There, he uses the same techniques of computer animation, but for the whole of his film.”

Note finally that there is no question of performance capture. The actors chosen for this version have just lent their voices to the characters : James Earl Jones double Mufasa, Donald Glover is Simba, Beyoncé Knowles, Nala… But unlike the movie, Mowgli, Andy Serkis, their movements and expressions that have not been saved to animate the animals. The teams of the animation (including Andrew R. Jones, known for his work on Avatar) and visual effects (Rob Legato, already on the jungle Book) were certainly inspired by real lions to create them, but they were not really filmed. Use of such techniques allows them to stick as close to the cartoon of origin : the initial plans for the film Favreau will all inspire images of the classic 1994, including the stage of introduction.

The teaser of Lion King copy-and fits perfectly to the cartoon

The Lion King will be released on July 17, 2019 at the cinema. Here is his teaser :