The list: comforting works

1. The fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain, Jean-Pierre Jeunet (2001)

Magnificent tribute to dreamers and to human goodness, this great success signed Jean-Pierre Jeunet has touched moviegoers far beyond France (the film has been nominated five times for the Oscars). And for good reason. Poetic both in form and content, surprising, funny, unifying … Carried by the magnificent soundtrack by Yann Tiersen, this is a work that is heart-warming and to which it is good to return. Geneviève Bouchard

2. The Hobbit, JRR Tolkien (1937)

This book inevitably reminds me of my childhood, and a certain carelessness (even if we were in the middle of the Cold War). Not surprising since Tolkien first wrote it to entertain his kids – and it works every time. His re-readings made me realize that this enchanted universe also had its share of shadow. But that’s another story: The Lord of the Rings. Éric Moreault

3. On the Road to Madison, Clint Eastwood (1995)

Looking for an album capable of making you relax to the max? We recommend the soundtrack of this touching film by Clint Eastwood. Only beautiful, only good. The jazz tunes of Dinah Washington, Barbara Lewis, Irène Kral and Johnny Hartman, without forgetting the theme music (Doe Eyes) will certainly transport you to a universe much more zen than reality. Normand Provencher

4. Close to Paradise, Patrick Watson (2006)

We could have cited here all of Patrick Watson’s discography, but let’s come back to the second album of the Montreal singer-songwriter. Rewarded with the Polaris Prize, awarded by a jury called to decide on the best Canadian album, this collection of songs puts forward a skilful amalgam of sweetness, sensitivity, creativity. An instant classic that hasn’t aged a bit. Geneviève Bouchard

5. Oscar, Edouard Molinaro (1967)

This comedy starring Louis de Funès is without doubt one of his funniest. A completely wacky story of a wealthy industrialist trying to find out who is the father of the child his daughter is expecting, and where a suitcase, sometimes filled with money, sometimes with underwear, walks left and right . With his irresistible expressions and his cult replicas, De Funès delivers an unforgettable performance. Everything to make people forget a certain virus… Normand Provencher

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