The main cheater, GTA V has cost a round sum

Главный читер GTA V влетел на круглую сумму


The court ordered the Florida man, johnny Perez to pay the publisher of the game GTA Online considerable compensation for the creation and distribution of pay-cheat software is Elusive. Of course, created by a hacker software gave one the advantage over the other players, and much ruined the sales of the game. Besides, the illegal software was not free, and the Creator could well cash in on it.

Главный читер GTA V влетел на круглую сумму

As punishment for creating the Elusive court sentenced johnny Perez to the payment of compensation by the publisher in the amount of $150 thousand Besides, he is obliged to pay of $66.9 thousand as payment for the services of a lawyer of the copyright holder. Perez was accused of the copyright infringement Take-Two Interactive, the violation of the balance of the gameplay, the violation of the model of in-app purchases. In addition, he is accused of the fact that he spoiled the pleasure of playing honest players.

Главный читер GTA V влетел на круглую сумму

This case is another indicator of how far can the use of cheats in a multiplayer game. Soon, the dishonest players can be either in the court or even in prison.

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