The man trashed the store for Mickey mouse: the video strange crime

Мужчина разгромил магазин ради Микки-Мауса: видео странного преступления

The American smashed the window of the store with musical instruments, to steal a plush toy of Mickey mouse.

Surveillance camera of one of the shops in Fresno have recorded the unusual behavior of the man in the hood that broke into the store late at night to pick up a toy mouse, writes the Daily Mail.

Using the cobblestone, the robber knocked the glass, crossed the threshold and went to the piano. To the surprise of the owner of the store and the police man was interested in not musical instruments or the possible values, and dvadtsatipyatiletnih Mickey mouse.

Мужчина разгромил магазин ради Микки-Мауса: видео странного преступления

Unknown man steals a toy Mickey mouse

The perp grabbed the toy and ran away in an unknown direction. In the morning, the store owner discovered the broken window and called the police.

First, the police thought it was an ordinary act of vandalism. Law enforcement officers examined the scene of the crime and recording of surveillance cameras.

“We visited the store, everything was in order and we decided that it was just vandalism, until I returned to my table and didn’t look at footage from surveillance cameras,” the store owner Jim Fishback.

Now the police searches for the unknown captor of Mickey mouse.

“I hope that if he does something like that, maybe more serious than what happened with us, it will be caught,” said the store owner.

The toy itself Mr. Fishback bought a few years ago in an antique shop Clovis.

According to the shop owner, a toy mouse was a kind of mascot.

Criminal actions assessed in the amount of more than $ 6000. The owner complains that the white piano on which sat a mouse, have to sell at a discount.

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