The Manager of the Carpathians swore at the fans and slammed the door

Менеджер Карпат обматерил фанатов и хлопнул дверью

Sunday, March 3, at the stadium “Ukraine” in the framework of the championship of Ukraine on football will take place in Lviv Derby between Karpaty and FC Lviv.

Before the match scandal. In the Internet appeared the video, in which the Vice-President of the Carpathians Oleg Smalyuk in the company of fans of the Carpathians obscene insult to FC Lviv.

After that, the Manager left his post, which he held from November 2017.

Oleg Smalyuk announced his resignation in Facebook:

Please pobachennja have vsih wibault football I especially the quiet , CI children marveled TSE video . For svoï words I ucinki…

Oleg Smaliychuk Geplaatst door op Vrijdag 1 maart 2019

“I apologize to all football fans and especially those whose children watched this video. For their words and actions to respond. From this point on I’m not the Vice-President of FC “Karpaty”. Thank you all for your support. It was a really cool period of my life! Come on Derby, love football! I’ll meet you on the fan sector! Go LIONS,” wrote on his page on Facebook, Smalyuk.

By the way, on the official website of FC Karpaty it is still present: “Oleg Smalyuk, Vice-President of the club. Born March 28, 1980 in Galicia (Ivano-Frankivsk region). 20 years Oleg lived in Western Europe, where he developed a football project with the leading clubs of the Old world. From November 20, 2017 Vice-President of FC Karpaty.

By the way, at the time, Smalyuk was a simple zarobitchanam who moved from Ivano-Frankivsk region in Valencia. “In the late 1990s in Western Ukraine it was fashionable. In Spain I started out by picking oranges. But the love for football was always,” in an interview, said the functionary.

Football life of Smalyuk began with Valencia, who had been a regional scout youth teams. Then, he has acquired connections, headed by the scout company, became a football agent. It Smalyuk at the time influenced the transfers of players “Carpathians” in Spain: Swede — in “Seville”, Huculak — “Villarreal”, Vasyl Kravets — in “Lugo” and certainly in “leganés”. Also former Vice-President of the “green-whites” involved in the emergence of the Galician club, Spanish-speaking players and coaches.

The transition to Aunt miner

Brazilian right-winger Aunt moved from Gremio to Shakhtar Donetsk, having signed from Shakhtar contract for 5 years.

19-year-old Brazilian will earn at Shakhtar, 120 thousand euros per month.

It is known that the miner will pay Gremio 10 million euros for 60% of the players rights. The Brazilian club will qualify for the 15% of income received by the Pitmen from the resale Aunt.

Tete – a graduate of Gremio. He played for the youth and Junior teams of the club. In 2019 with the team Brazil (U20) took part in the South American championship in Chile (7 matches).

2018 Aunt was twice offered the head coach Titus in the Brazilian national team after the world Cup in 2018.

Young Brazilian commented on his transition to the Donetsk club:

“The decision to move to Shakhtar took very quickly, because it’s a very good offer for me, I liked it. I knew I made the right bet and went to the club.

Менеджер Карпат обматерил фанатов и хлопнул дверью

I’m friends with Douglas Costa, we played together in Brazil. He told me that there is a very good club, a good country that I like very much, so I decided to move here. I also know Marcos Antonio know Fernando also Cipriano and Tyson. With these guys, I already spoke. The team will be on Tyson.

My Aunt’s nickname is a shortened version from Matheus (Matheus Cardoso Lemos Martins). I also called the “hurricane” on the field, and my Aunt is the name of the hurricane.

I know that Ukraine has a good League, there is a very strong team, they are always in the first places and almost always win.”

Менеджер Карпат обматерил фанатов и хлопнул дверью

I will be giving their best, to work, to do what coach tells me. I hope through my work I will be able to occupy a place in the first team. Dribbling, speed and goal kicks are my strengths. I see a very good future in the t-shirt of a miner.

The most significant achievement in my career is to win in the Junior Cup South American U-15 in Colombia.

My first goal for Shakhtar is to try to get into the starting lineup and immediately win titles.

I compare myself with Pele. We are similar in speed, power, dribbling and scoring goals.

I came here to give joy to the fans of Shakhtar. I hope with my help together we will win titles and will show a good game”, – quotes the Aunt, the press service of the miner.

Premier League of Ukraine. 19-th round

February 23

Mariupol – Desna Chernihiv – 2:1

Lviv – Chornomorets Odessa – 0:1

24 Feb

Arsenal Kiev – Desna Chernihiv – 0:2

Vorskla Poltava – Karpaty Lviv – 0:4

25 Feb

Dynamo Kiev – Zorya Lugansk – 5:0

Менеджер Карпат обматерил фанатов и хлопнул дверью

Менеджер Карпат обматерил фанатов и хлопнул дверью

Shakhtar Donetsk – PFC – 2:0

Менеджер Карпат обматерил фанатов и хлопнул дверью

Win Shakhtar

On February 25 at the RSC “Metalist” in Kharkov took place the match of the 19th round of the Premier League of Ukraine Shakhtar Donetsk – Alexandria.

The Pitmen managed in the first half, twice hit the gate of Yuri Pankiv. Goals for the Pitmen scored Marlos and Junior Moraes.

In the second half Marlos missed a penalty, which, frankly, he drew. A shot from the point saved Pankiv. Also Alexandria is not used several opportunities to score Andriy Pyatov. The same can be said about the miner strikes of the players who parried Yuri Pankiv or who had past the gate.

The match ended with the score 2:0 in favour of Donetsk.

Premier League of Ukraine. 19-th round

Goals: Marlos, 14, Junior Moraes, 35.

A miner with 28 points is in first place in the Premier League, Alexandria with 36 points located on the second line.

Dynamo – Zorya – 5:0

February 25 at the NSC Olimpiyskiy in Kyiv Dynamo took the Dawn in the framework of the 19th round of the Premier League of Ukraine.

Though Dynamo was active on the field, yet the 34th minute of the match the score was not opened. But closer to the break in Kiev went the ball into the goal. At first Nikolay Shaparenko perfectly rounded out the transfer from the flank, and then Benjamin, Verbic scored a masterpiece goal.

Naked in the locker room and scored the same Shaparenko, who scored twice.

In the end, the Dynamo went on a break with advantage in three goals.

In the second half of meeting wards of Alexander Khatskevich has continued to dominate on the field, which resulted in two more goals. First, Verbic scored twice.

And then he scored a goal rookie “white-blue” Fran Sol, for whom this goal became the second in the upl.

Debut goal for the Kiev team, the Spaniard scored in the match of Europa League against Olympiacos (1:0).

The match Dynamo – Zorya ended with the score 5:0! Though the result was devastating not worth it to throw hats in the Dawn, as the team Yuriya Vernidub has huge potential. Artists like Alexander Karavaev, Dmytro Khomchenovskyy, Igor Tchaikovsky Vitaliy vernydub, Philip Budkovskyy and others will be the main striking force of the Dawn, which still show themselves in the championship of Ukraine. And in this match with Dinamo, probably, it is necessary to praise the Kiev team, which showed superwomen game!

Premier League of Ukraine. 19-th round

Dynamo Kiev – Zorya Lugansk – 5:0 (3:0)

Goals: Nikolay Shaparenko, 34, 45, Benjamin, Verbic, 38, 53, Fran Sol, 73.

Kiev with 41 points are second in the Premier League, the dawn with 28 points coming in the fourth position.

The victory of the Carpathians with a hat-trick of the Swede

In the match of the 19th round of the Premier League of Ukraine Vorskla at home, in Poltava, crushing with the score 0:4 lost Carpathians.

Lviv opened the scoring late in the first half when Francisco Di Franco accurate shot on goal of the game.

After the break Karpaty scored another three — hat-trick in the asset recorded Marian Swede. First the young striker converted a penalty and then scored twice from the game.

In the 85th minute, Nicholas Careca could play one ball, but missed a penalty.

After this match Shakhtar Donetsk with 27 points and is in 6th position. The Carpathians, with 20 points, rose to 9 th place.

Менеджер Карпат обматерил фанатов и хлопнул дверью

Brothers Favorova brought victory to the Gums

In the framework of the 19th round against FC Desna Chernihiv were able to start in the second half of the season, beating out Arsenal-Kiev with the score 0:2.

The first goal of the match was scored already in 1st minute of the game: after a cross from the left flank a great volley from the penalty inflicted Denis Favorov. The ball flew into the top left corner of Pidkivka.

Despite the large amount of time in order to even the score and try to win, Arsenal-Kiev failed to score at least one goal in the match with Desna.

At the end of the meeting Chernigov scored another goal with a penalty scored by Artem Favorov, brother Denis Favorov.

Менеджер Карпат обматерил фанатов и хлопнул дверью

Win Chornomorets in Lviv

23rd February in the framework of the 19th round of the Premier League the lions at home, at the stadium “Ukraine”, played with Chornomorets, who managed to win.

Odessa took the lead in the 32nd minute after a goal by Vitaly Goshkoderya. And the sailors were able to hold the winning score till the final whistle.

Note that for the lions in this match played in seven of the Brazilians.

Менеджер Карпат обматерил фанатов и хлопнул дверью

Premier League of Ukraine. 19-th round.

Stadium “Ukraine” (Lviv)

Lviv – Chornomorets Odessa – 0:1 (0:1)

Goal: Vitaliy Goshkoderya, 32

Lviv, Bohdan Sarnavskyi, Sergei Borzenko, Volodymyr Adamyuk, Vadim Paramonov, Alexander Nasonov, Sabino (Kadina, 68), Vladislav Priymak, Linden, Alvaro (Vadim Ancak, 73), Pedro, Kauai (Pernambuco, 60)

Chernomorets Odessa: Sergei Litovchenko, Dmytro Ryzhuk, Gleb Grachev, Andrey Mishchenko, Ruslan Babenko, Artem Chorny (Mr Smith, 76), Vitaly Goshkoderya, Alexander Golikov, Vladimir Tanchiki, Vladimir Arzhanov (Vasily Pavlov, 91), Yevhen Morozenko (Nicholas Masalitin, 85)

Referee: Vladimir Novokhatny (Kiev)

Менеджер Карпат обматерил фанатов и хлопнул дверью

Chernomorets has 15 points and is in 11th place in the standings of the Premier League, and the lions with 23 points located on the 8th line.

Comeback Mariupol

February 23, at the stadium named after Volodymyr Boyko, Mariupol took Olympic. The Pitmen took the lead in the 26th minute after goals by Eugene Pasic. But Mariupol lined position just before the break after Oleksandr Pikhalyonok converted the spot-kick.

In the second half of the meeting the team went out ahead. This time Priazovskoe the team also scored with a penalty converted by Andriy Boryachuk.

As a result, Mariupol victory with the score 2:1.

Менеджер Карпат обматерил фанатов и хлопнул дверью

Premier League of Ukraine. 19-th round

Mariupol – Olimpik Donetsk – 2:1 (1:1)

Goals: Oleksandr Pikhalyonok, 45 (penalty), Andriy Boryachuk, 48 (penalty) – Eugene Pasic, 26.

Менеджер Карпат обматерил фанатов и хлопнул дверью

Premier League of Ukraine. 19-th round

24 Feb

Arsenal-Kiev – Desna Chernihiv (14:00)

Vorskla Poltava – Karpaty Lviv (17:00)

25 Feb

Dynamo Kiev – Zorya Lugansk (18:30)

Shakhtar Donetsk – Oleksandriya (19:00)

Chelsea – a rival Dynamo in the Europa League

The results of the draw 1/8 finals of the Europa League Dynamo Kiev will play against Chelsea. The first match will take place on 7 March in London, the return leg on March 14 in Kiev.

Менеджер Карпат обматерил фанатов и хлопнул дверью

The output of the Dynamo in the 1/8 finals of the Europa League

On February 21 Dynamo Kyiv at the NSC “Olympic” played with Olympiacos. Kiev is well-played match. The first half was exemplary. Metropolitan Grand created many chances, one of which was embodied in a goal in the 32nd minute. Vitaly Nikolenko made a great cross, which responded to the rookie Dynamo Fran Sol. The Spaniard wonderfully rounded out the transmission and brought the “white-blue” forward.

Менеджер Карпат обматерил фанатов и хлопнул дверью

In the second half Dinamo played more on the counterattack and were able to increase the advantage. Had a number of chances and the Greeks, but Dynamo goalkeeper Denys Boiko saved the team from conceding goals.

The match ended with the victory of Dinamo with the score 1:0, very pleased tribun filled “Olympic”!

The UEFA Europa League. 1/16 finals. The first match

Dynamo Kyiv – Olympiakos – 1:0 (1:0)

Goal: Fran Sol, 32.

The first match Olympiacos – Dynamo – 2:2

By the way, Dynamo repeated the success of the season 1975/1976, when the people of Kiev in the 1/16 finals of the European Champions Cup Olympiacos won by the same scenario.

Менеджер Карпат обматерил фанатов и хлопнул дверью

In that season the Ukrainian team reached the quarterfinals of the most prestigious club tournament of the Old world.

Eintracht Vs Shakhtar – 4:1

On 21 February during a return match of 1/16 Europa League Eintracht Frankfurt at the “Commerzbank Arena” played with Shakhtar. The German team scored two goals Shakhtar in the first half, after fine strikes from Luka Jovic and Sebastian Allais with a penalty.

In the middle of the second half the Pitmen scored a goal effort, Junior Moraes and returned match the intrigue. Could the miner to level the score, but Marlos and taison hit the bar. But Dortmund used their chances. Alla scored twice, converting one-on-one and elegant with a feint of sending the ball into the net of Andriy Pyatov.

And then Ante Rebić shot on goal from outside the penalty area put an end to the match.

4:1 – a confident victory of Eintracht Frankfurt, who reached the 1/8 finals of the Europa League.

The UEFA Europa League. 1/16 finals. The return match

Eintracht (Frankfurt, Germany) – Shakhtar (Dneck, Ukraine) – 4:1 (2:0)

Goals: Luka Jovic, 23, Sebastian Allee 27 (penalty), 80, Ante Rebić, 88 – Junior Moraes, 64

The first match Shakhtar Donetsk – Eintracht Frankfurt – 2:2

The results of the draw. The UEFA Europa League. 1/8 finals

Dynamo Kiev And Chelsea London

Eintracht Frankfurt – inter Milan

Dinamo Zagreb – Benfica Lisbon

Napoli – Salzburg

Valencia – Krasnodar

Seville – Sparta Prague

Arsenal London – Rennes

Zenit Saint-Petersburg – Villarreal

All the results return matches 1/16 finals of the Europa League

21 Feb

Arsenal London – FC BATE Borisov 3:0

Dinamo Zagreb – FC Viktoria Plzeň – 3:0

Eintracht Frankfurt Shakhtar Donetsk 4:1

Napoli – Zurich – 2:0

Salzburg – Brugge – 4:0

Valencia – Celtic – 1:0

Villarreal – Sporting – 1:1

Zenit Saint Petersburg – Fenerbahce – 3:1

Bayer Leverkusen – Krasnodar – 1:1

Benfica – Galatasaray – 0:0

Chelsea – Malmo – 3:0

Dynamo Kyiv – Olympiakos – 1:0

Genk – Slavia Praha – 1:4

Inter Milan – Rapid Vienna – 4:0

Betis – Rennes – 1:3

20 Feb

Seville – Lazio – 2:0

The results of the first matches of 1/8 finals of the Champions League

19 Feb

Liverpool – Bayern Munich – 0:0

Lyon – Barcelona – 0:0

20 Feb

Atletico Madrid – Juventus – 2:0

Schalke 04 – Manchester City – 2:3

The results of the Champions League

12-13 February took four of the first match of 1/8 final of the Champions League. We offer to your attention the results of these meetings.

Manchester United – PSG – 0:2 (0:0)

Goals: Presnell Kimpembe, 53, Kilian Mbappe, 60.

Removal: Paul Pogba, 89 (Manchester United)

Roma – Porto – 2:1 (0:0)

Goals: Nicolo Zaniolo, 70, 76 – Adrian Lopez, 79.

Tottenham Hotspur – Borussia Dortmund – 3:0 (0:0)

Goals: Son Heung-Min, 47, Jan Vertonghen, 83, Fernando Llorente, 86.

Ajax Amsterdam – Real Madrid – 1:2 (0:0)

Goals: Sieh, 75 – Benzema, 60, Of Marco Asensio, 87.

As reported by the portal Znayu that Yarmolenko became the most expensive player in the world.

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