The man’s body devoured itself from within, his suffering lasted for 6 years: was only saved by a miracle

Тело мужчины пожирало себя изнутри, его мучения длились целых 6 лет: спасло только чудо

A UK resident 45-year-old Lee Baker (Lee Baker) from the English town of Margate for six years suffered because of what his own body was “eating itself from within”, rejecting any food because of illness. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

In 2009 a man was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, after a time he added one more sentence — type II diabetes. During 4 years of treatment, Whether reached the bottom.

Тело мужчины пожирало себя изнутри, его мучения длились целых 6 лет: спасло только чудо

45-year-old man could not eat solid food, as a result, greatly emaciated. He was drinking four milkshakes a day for the last two years, lost weight from 114 pounds to 50.

“As soon as I ate something solid after one to two minutes, maximum five, I got sick and all the food come out. My muscles have been eaten by the disease, as well as all my fat,” explains Baker.

Over the next six years, the British suffered from more serious diseases — gastroparesis – indigestion, which reduces activity of the muscles of the stomach.

As admitted by the wife If, at that time, he has “nothing left”, he lost all life force and could not cope with many daily activities. However, to reassure his wife, “always tried to keep a smiling face”.

“The most difficult thing I experienced during a series of diagnoses of sarcoidosis to gastroparesis — statements of others, that all the problems sit in my head,” — says the Briton.

That all changed when his wife stumbled upon an article which described similar symptoms.

Then the family went to the hospital and received necessary treatment. The stimulating treatments two months later, the Baker for the first time in six years ate solid food.

“My first meal was two slices of toast and peach yogurt, which I ate in the hospital. Toast looked disgusting, but it was the most delicious food in my life,” says the man.

With treatment his condition improved. Lee got rid of the nausea, I began to eat normally. For two or three weeks, he gained ten pounds of weight and became more healthy in appearance.

According to the Baker, the victory over the disease made his life “a special meaning”.

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