The matchmaker of “let’s get married” revealed family secrets

Сваха из "Давай поженимся" раскрыла семейные тайны

One of the leading television show “let’s get married” rose Sabitova has revealed the secret of family happiness.

She recalled that in relations between a man and a woman also the important role played by the money and generosity.

Сваха из "Давай поженимся" раскрыла семейные тайны

According to Rose Syabitova, which is the main matchmaker of the TV show “let’s get married”, the secret of family happiness can only come from wise and Mature people. Under the maturity, the presenter has in mind psychologically formed personality. She argues that the psychologically Mature person is required’yazkovo should be abundant to not think about wealth or poverty. In her opinion these people help financially their loved ones, and know how to manage wisely your budget.

Сваха из "Давай поженимся" раскрыла семейные тайны

Rose Sabitova says that if a person wants to be happy, she needs to understand that other people always go first, and then the money is going.

Fans of the TV presenter was pleasantly surprised and did not skimp on the good words in the comments under the post. A lot of people agreed with the presenter and write about what they don’t recognize the Rose Sablove, which is very often on the project “let’s get married” confuse money and feelings.

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