The mayor of tel Aviv: the Eurovision song contest-2019 no place for politics

Ron Huldai, mayor of tel Aviv promised that the song contest will take place without political interference, why and obliges its 50-year history and extensive geography of participants.

Мэр Тель-Авива: на Евровидении-2019 не место политикеHuldai said that in the history of Eurovision, there are plenty of examples where competition has turned into an arena for political confrontation, and expressed the hope that in 2019, Israel will not happen. On our side, the mayor promised to do everything possible to reduce the risks of political conflicts to a minimum.

Huldai also spoke about the fact that the transfer of the venue of the contest from Jerusalem to tel Aviv was due to pressure from the Orthodox religious community, which declared not only on the prevention of the finals in the night from Saturday to Sunday, and even Saturday rehearsals. Tel Aviv, said the mayor, – free city that is tolerant to the arts, other cultures and people with different sexual orientation.

The final of “Eurovision-2019” will be held on may 18 in the pavilion of the exhibition center “Ganey-Taaruha”, with a capacity of 9 thousand people.

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