The midfielder of Juventus has been in an accident

Полузащитник Ювентуса попал в ДТП

Douglas Costa

Midfielder “Juventus” Douglas Costa was involved in an accident, according to Football Italia.

According to the publication, the accident occurred on the morning of 4 February on the track in the North of Italy. Jeep Cherokee, at the wheel which there was a player collided with a Fiat Punto.

47-year-old driver of the Fiat was taken to the hospital.

Who was responsible for the accident is not reported.
As previously wrote Znaia the wife saved the life of a player who didn’t want to go to the doctors.

The captain of the “Cardiff city”, British footballer Sean Morrison almost died due to rupture of the Appendix, reports the Express.

Полузащитник Ювентуса попал в ДТП

Sean Morrison

Morrison felt bad, but didn’t want to go to the doctors. Footballer’s wife still insisted and went to doctors. As a result, Morrison was urgently taken to hospital, where they found a ruptured Appendix. This could lead to the release of toxins in other parts of the body and become fatal.

As it turned out, the wife saved her husband life. According to doctors, if the player brought on 45 minutes late, they are already nothing would be able to help him.

“Being at home, I felt bad, but didn’t want to turn to doctors. However, my wife Stacey, despite the protests, spoke to the club doctors,” said Morrison.

As reported by the portal Znayu that Yarmolenko became the most expensive player in the world.

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