The military situation in Ukraine: social networks in no hurry to disclose the actual cause associated with “everblame”

There have been disputes about whether it was the establishment of martial law in Ukraine a forced measure, or is it just a political move.

Военное положение в Украине: соцсети спешат раскрыть реальную причину, связанную с «евробляхами»

Earlier in social networks and the media was talking about the fact that Petro Poroshenko is committed thus to postpone the election date, but this idea was refuted because the President of Ukraine formally approved the election date of 31 March 2019. In maintaining that martial law is just a political maneuver made by the fact that he was not in a hurry to enter previously.

One of the reasons that trying to solve the Ukrainians may be the desire to ban rallies against the laws of “EuroBLECH”, because, according to paragraph 8 of article 8 of the Law of Ukraine on legal regime of martial law “to prohibit peaceful assemblies, rallies, campaigns, demonstrations and other mass actions.” 25 November was held a peaceful rally in Kharkiv region, from November 28 to such an event in this region will already be outside the law. But remember, martial law really introduced in 10 regions of Ukraine, respectively, rallies in other areas is not prohibited.