The Ministry of agriculture: In Russia during the year, sugar has risen in price by 50%

When compared with the previous year, the change in the cost of sweets consists of 43.9%.

Минсельхоз: В России за год сахар подорожал на 50%


In Russia, for the year the wholesale price of sugar has increased by 50%, announced the Ministry of agriculture. However, over a week increase was not recorded. Note that over the past year, the retail price of sugar increased by 5.2%. In documents of the Agency says that in January-September this year, the sugar production decreased by 2.8% compared to last year. On 15 October, the number of processed beet amounted to 17.9 million tons. During January-October of 2018, the import of sugar-Serce amounted to 4.4 thousand tons, which means reducing of this fact by 8.3% compared to other periods.

Exports in this period increased by 9.7%. Experts revealed that sugar production in the current year will amount to about 6 million tonnes. This suggests that this indicator decreased by 10% compared with the 2017 year. After analyzing the data it became known that last year was not only for Russia but for the whole world a year of overproduction of sugar, so prices decreased.

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