The most common mistakes that destroy your laptop

Самые распространенные ошибки, которые уничтожают ваш ноутбук


Standard laptop – this is primarily the ease, mobility, and integration all-in-one, which can not boast of a stationary PC. However, most users significantly shorten the life of their laptops, and don’t even know it. Here are a few tips that will prolong the life of your device.

Самые распространенные ошибки, которые уничтожают ваш ноутбук

1. Do not rely on the consultant in the store. You might have advised a bunch of stuff, and even installed programs (not free), although you can configure the computer alone for 30 minutes.

2. Quality – not necessarily expensive and pretentious. The stylish design of the season is good if you are going to enjoy the laptop as a piece of furniture. Coming home and opening the packaging, you will most likely be unpleasantly surprised by the uselessness of the interface, speed of work, and from the glossy screen will hurt eyes. It is better to consult with friends, or to draw conclusions on their own.

3. Don’t look at the warranty. The device may fail immediately after the warranty period. Select a model with improved performance instead, and I’d rather spend the savings on a SSD and replace the hard drive HDD. But the warranty to rely just not worth it.

Самые распространенные ошибки, которые уничтожают ваш ноутбук

4. Pay attention to the cooling system. Do not place the computer on a lap, bed or blanket, overlapping holes for ventilation, otherwise the gadget fairly soon “explode” from the heat, and you without the cooling stand is not enough. It is better to know which laptop is cooled better.

5. Please restart the system. From time to time switch off, and turn the laptop so he could run all the programs again, and it is unnecessary to successfully close at shutdown.

Recall that the company Nubia showed a compact smartphone with support for 5G-networks – Nubia Mini 5G. Note that in addition to the support network of the new standard, the device differs from its competitors compact design. Among other things, the smartphone has a flagship Snapdragon 855, and surround the battery. About the price and the release date are not yet available.

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Znayu wrote that Apple has released an update iOS 12.3, which added some interesting features for owners of products Apple Corporation. It is worth noting that smartphones now received the Apple TV as well as access to unique content.

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