The movie “the Avengers: Finale” will be released ahead of schedule

7 December, the staff of Marvel Studio’s released a new official trailer for the continuing adventures of the superhero characters of the film.

Фильм «Мстители: Финал» выйдет раньше запланированного срока


Representatives of the studios stated that the film “Avengers Finale” will be released in the US earlier than planned – not may 3rd, as mentioned earlier, and in April 2019. The exact date of release of films is not yet known. The experts were not very surprised at this decision of the publisher, because in the past it has used similar tactics. The film “the Avengers: infinity War” also came out before the due date. Now the release tape in the US and the UK are the same and this makes it a global event.

Experts believe that in the final heroes of the film will continue to save the Universe from destruction. Viewers in Russia will see the “Avengers Finale” at the end of April. About the same time it will show the people of Britain. In the US, wanted to broadcast in early may, but postponed the release for a few days.

In the previous part of “the Avengers” many main characters died. Critics say that some of them need to return in order to keep the intrigue.