The moving car took a record-speed signal 5G

Test new technologies held in Japan, the employees of Mitsubishi Electric and NTT DoCoMo operator.

Движущаяся машина приняла рекордной скорости сигнал 5G


Testing carried out in the village Kamayra Kanagawa Prefecture. Within the task, moving machine with an attached antenna took a record-speed signal 5G – 27 GB per second. The distance between receiving and transmitting transducers was ten meters. If you increase the length up to 100 meters the speed of the 5G signal has decreased insignificantly – only to 25 gigabits per second. This is only the first test of a new technology and expect to receive this speed if you use it for a commercial purpose is not necessary.

However, testing say on a bigger perspective of the networks of the fifth generation. The widespread introduction of 5G will allow unmanned vehicles to use very fast communication channels. This will be a new device with virtual and augmented realities. New technologies are planning to apply in medicine, science and industry.