The Museum of the first President of the United States adolescents found an ancient stone axe

The gun belonged to the Indians, who began to grow crops, and made it six thousand years ago.

В музее первого президента США подростки обнаружили древний каменный топор


In the estate of mount Vernon, once owned by the first U.S. President George Washington, two teenagers found an ancient stone axe. Now in this area is a Museum. Archaeologists began excavations in mount Vernon in 1987 and noticed there are a lot of interesting old things. These items produced by the Indians. When the teenagers saw the axe, they took the find to the experts. After the examination the researchers found the age of the weapon.

According to archaeologists, the axe discovered the Indians was done by experienced people. Six thousand years ago, various technology was in its infancy of development. Despite this handyman managed to make a axe using fairly sophisticated equipment for its time. Excavations often attract pupils of the school spiritual father Hoban. Young representatives of the school and saw the first stone axe to the former estate of Washington.

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