The mystery of the death of Keith flint cops revealed: what killed the lead singer of The Prodigy

Загадку смерти Кита Флинта раскрыли копы: что убило солиста The Prodigy

The famous English singer and dancer Keith flint has committed suicide on March 4. It is known that the whale was 50 years old star was found dead in her house in the East of England. Members of the British law enforcement has officially declared that the cause of death was suicide.

This became known thanks to the publication of the Evening Standard.

Загадку смерти Кита Флинта раскрыли копы: что убило солиста The Prodigy

Keith Flint

According to journalists, the results is judicial-medical examination testify that the medical cause of death is asphyxia – Keith flint hanged himself. Cat flint died at 50 years old. Musician found dead on the morning of March 4 in his home in the North End near the town of Dunmow, Essex.

The toxicology report will be published later. To obtain these results the flint body for burial does not convey. The hearing on this case will be held July 23.

Загадку смерти Кита Флинта раскрыли копы: что убило солиста The Prodigy

Keith Flint

The publication writes that a police officer Lindsay Chaffee reported that post-mortem examination was held at the hospital March 7 and preliminary medical cause of death was registered as suicide by hanging.

It is worth Recalling that the popular Ukrainian band “AGON” has decided to honor the memory of legendary vocalist of The Prodigy Keith flint. For this, the band made a Remix of your track “I’m your drug” in the style of the band. The corresponding video appeared on the YouTube channel of the group.

“I met with the group The Prodigy accidentally. In my childhood, when I was doing break dancing, my friend gave me a VHS tape which had been recording with American break festival. “And in the end there’s still the music,” he warned. But there was not music. There was The Prodigy!” – says member of the “AGON” Anton Shulepov.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the member of the popular American show “the Voice” Janice Freeman died at the age of 33. The star of the vocal show tragically passed away on Saturday, March 2, in the city of Pasadena (California, USA). This was reported by a close friend of the singer on the page in Instagram.

We will remind, the lead singer of the Prodigy took his own life: fans told something hard to believe.

As reported Znaia the suicide of the lead singer of The Prodigy is revealing the family drama Keith flint.

Also Znayu wrote, Glucose ran over the lead singer of The Prodigy Keith flint after his death.

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