The national selection for Eurovision 2019: the network launched the live broadcast

Нацотбор на Евровидение 2019: в сети запустили прямую трансляцию

On Saturday, February 9, launched the first semi-final of the national selection for the Eurovision song contest in 2019. This year’s world song contest will take the Israeli capital tel Aviv after the victory of the Israeli singer Netta in 2018. The Network launched a live broadcast

Vera Kekelia is the third. She first performs on the big stage solo, reports of


Danilko between the song and the room felt dissonance. By the way, the Director was Simon Gorov. Jamal liked the song, but she was advised to sing in a lower key. Evgeny Filatov suspected that the soloist was worried. He auger felt disonans between the room and the song.

The Ukrainian selection for Eurovision 2019 leads Serhiy Prytula, which is leading the competition for the third time.

To evaluate the performances of the Ukrainian artists will be the winner of Eurovision 2016, singer Jamala, producer Eugene Filatov and Andriy Danylko, who took second place at the Eurovision song contest in 2007.

Broadcast of the national selection for Eurovision 2019, by tradition, is carried out from two Ukrainian TV channel STB and NTU..

As a reminder, during the national selection the jury together with the audience will choose the artist with the song with which Ukraine will go to the Eurovision 2019 in Israel.

Also we will remind that in Kiev launched their national selection for the Eurovision song contest. Published the full list of participants.

This is reported by Ukrainian media. It is known that the live broadcast of the first semifinal of the National selection will start at 19:00 on TV UA: the First and the STB.

Нацотбор на Евровидение 2019: в сети запустили прямую трансляцию

As you know, in the first round for the right to reach the final selection will compete with 8 participants: the Hypnotunez – the leader Hera, Luize, with the song “Hey”; LETAY musician Ilya Reznikov, with the song “Mila Moya”; singer VERA KEKELIA – with the song “Wow”, a group of CESO – with the song “Hate” group YUKO – with the song “Galina Guliala”; Maruv – singer Anna Korsun, with the song “For you”; the band Brunettes Shoot Blondes, a soloist Andrey Kovalev with the song “Houston”; BAHROMA – frontman Roman Bakharev, with the song “Nazavzhdi-Forever.”

It is also known that the second semi-final of the national selection will be held on February 16. Which artists will represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest in Israel will be known in the final of national selection on February 23.

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