The network first showed a rare newborn baby Rhino: staff who moved for a living

В сети впервые показали редкостного новорожденного детеныша носорога: кадры, которые тронут за живое


Zoo Miami real holiday, because for the first time thanks to artificial insemination, there appeared neurogena Indian rhinoceros.

It is reported by CNN.

It is now known that the newborn baby was first born to 7-year-old female Indian rhinoceros named Ākūti.

However, who exactly was born – a boy or a girl – the zoo still can’t understand, don’t want to disturb neither the woman nor the baby. Veterinarians say both look good and emergency care is not needed.

Scientists have said that the core of this stage of life is the establishment of strong links between the newly formed family, because mothers who give birth for the first time, that there are problems.

“We know about the little Rhino more as soon as we can it for a few minutes to pick up mother. It is extremely important that between them they have established a strong relationship. Mothers who give birth for the first time, that there are problems. She needs to get used to the baby,” – say representatives of the zoo.

It is worth noting that females are hatching Malku about 15-16 months and alemu give birth to calves every two to three years. It is known that the father neurogenetic 18-year-old Sura, as a mother, was born in the zoo San Diego. Akut artificially inseminated in January 2018 after the induction of ovulation.

The scientists also said that according to the International Fund of rhinos in the world there are around 3500 Indian rhinos. The entire species is under threat of extinction due to the value of their horns on the black market. Only veterinarians will examine mother and baby, they will show the visitors of the zoo.

We will remind, in the Kruger National Park in South Africa, the elephant trampled to death the poacher, as it became known from the local police’s official Twitter page.

As reported “Znayu” journalists have published information that in Nepal, Cameroon, Central African Republic and India funds the world wildlife Fund (WWF) funded a specially created military units, whose fighters are being punished on suspicion of poaching.

Also “Znayu” wrote that on 20 December 2013, the UN General Assembly, by its resolution decided to proclaim 3 March as world wildlife day (World Wildlife Day), with the aim to raise the level of awareness of the General public in matters of wild fauna and flora.

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