The new player of Dinamo honored the memory of Saly: my prayers are with your family

Новый игрок Динамо почтил память Салы: мои молитвы с твоей семьей

New striker Dynamo Fran Sol commemorated emiliano Sala, who recently died in a plane crash. Player of the Kiev club, who recently arrived himself in a new country to pursue their dreams, confessed that the situation that happened to emiliano, it is very hooked. Salt wrote in his Instagram page in these words: “When you went to that plane to make their dreams come true in Cardiff, I went to another to carry out their in Kiev. Yeah, I didn’t know you, but… I’m very sensitive reacted to what happened to you. My prayers are with your family and your loved ones. Eternal memory”.

Новый игрок Динамо почтил память Салы: мои молитвы с твоей семьей

It is worth mentioning that Emilio Sala was killed in the crash of the plane on which he flew to Cardiff. The private plane was owned by the famous agent, Willie Mackay, who represented the interests of the player, but helped the club to make the transfer.

Новый игрок Динамо почтил память Салы: мои молитвы с твоей семьей

We will remind, earlier it was noted that ex-player of Dynamo Kyiv Oleksandr Aliyev in response to allegations of ex-wife posted a video of her half naked is in a state of alcoholic intoxication. As said the player himself, his marriage was destroyed by alcohol, because he drank first, and now the glass looks his wife. As stated by Aliyev, all the bruises Tatiana put specially hired people, to enable them to blackmail him.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” Marseille won the match against Bordeaux on a closed arena, where the only audience was a cat. Unusual fan immediately attracted everyone’s attention, and photographers from the heart get the shot off. The stadium “velodrome”, which was an event that was punished in the riots at the match against Lille, when the fans pelted the field with firecrackers and flares.

Also “Znayu” he wrote that the wife of a former player of Dynamo Irina Morozyuk an active account on the social network, which often posts hot pictures. The latter was a photo on which she stands in a seductive pose after massage.

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