The number of victims of elements on Kuban has increased to 6 people

Earlier media reported two dead.

Количество жертв стихии на Кубани возросло до 6 человек


According to the Minister of civil defense and emergencies of the Krasnodar territory, the number of flood victims in the Kuban region, triggered by heavy rains and hail, has risen to 6 people. It is noted that four bodies were found by rescuers in the Absheron district, where it suffered 2 thousand houses, two more people perished from the disaster, found in the Tuapse district. One resident was injured, said the Minister. To podtopleny areas rescuers could only reach by boat.

Heavy rains in the Krasnodar region led to flooding of almost 30 settlements. In addition, the disaster has damaged the railroad, roads, bridges. Heavy rains and tornadoes has led to the fact that most settlements, including the town of Tuapse, was left without water and electricity, there are shortages of gas supply. Rescue services evacuated from the flooded areas of about 500 people. The disaster has damaged the highway and railway around the coastline of the Black sea. In the Krasnodar region declared a state of emergency. At the moment the staff of the special Commission bypassed the courts to assess the scale of destruction, the residents of affected communities the state will pay a lump sum. Together with rescuers are volunteers who provide victims with food, drinking water and warm clothes.

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